Logistic Lights Advantages

The flexible alternative to
put to light and pick by light

Logistic Lights offers maximum ergonomics and acceptance. Training is completed in five minutes, productivity increases immediately and fatigue decreases with the moving light spot. This results in a higher pick / put rate and above all a stable material flow. Easy handling leads to high acceptance and increases employee satisfaction.

Optimale Integration

into your warehouse management system (WMS) thanks to open interfaces.

Quickly Adaptable

to your requirements, for example new products, changed storage situations and flexible storage locations.

Just easier

When technology feels natural, ergonomics, acceptance, satisfaction and productivity increase.

High Profitability

The low acquisition costs pay for themselves quickly thanks to the incomparable flexibility.

Tailored Solutions

The Logistic Lights ecosystem delivers solutions from the common to the unique

Order Picking
  • Simple picking (worker to goods)
  • Batch/multi-order, zone picking
  • Wearables, mobile devices, & hands-free
  • Pallet picking
  • Smart picking carts
  • Kitting (on-demand & continuous)
  • Stand-alone, semi, or fully integrated with WMS/ERP
Sorting, Routing, Consolidation
  • Sorting/consolidation for multi-stage picking
  • Multi-order consolidation/put-walls (goods to worker)
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)
  • Zone routing
  • Parcel-routing on shipping lanes & palletizing
  • Trolley tracking
Materials Handling & Replenishment
  • eKanban & Inventory
  • Replenishment (goods to goods)
  • Custom notifications, e.g., forklifts, procurement
  • Automated reordering
  • On-demand kitting process materials
  • Cross-docking
Labeling & Value-Added Services
  • Electronic shelf labels (ESL)
  • Pallet/large load carrier displays
  • Automatic e-Paper routing slips
  • Shipping labels & freight documents generation
  • Document picking for manuals, coupons, etc.
  • Digital signage & andon systems

Commissioning use case for multiorder picking

Flexible solution for ecommerce fulfillment

Multiorder picking is often used to optimize picking processes in the warehouse. The batch container with products for several orders is transported to a commissioning workplace where Logistic Lights is an optimal solution for allocating each item to the individual order.

In the video you can see the individual allocationn of products from the batch. After scanning an EAN barcode, Logistic Lights highlights a shelf compartment and a box specific to the order. Articles are added to an order until it is complete and passed on to packaging and shipping.

Logistic Lights can easily be connected to an existing warehouse management system (WMS) via an open integration interface (API). The process remains completely in your hands and your WMS.

What Our Customers Say:

The Logistic Lights solution is
already used by renowned logistics service providers.

The close cooperation with our customers produced outstanding results:
Arne Ochse, Head of Operational Excellence & Innovations, DAHER LOGISTIK GmbH

Arne Ochse, Head of Operational Excellence & Innovations

„Logistic Lights is an intelligent and effective addition to our logistics systems. Due to the scalability and easy installation, racking systems can be supplemented economically and manual processes can thus be designed in a stable manner. Thanks to the expertise and smooth implementation by the Logistic Lights team, picking processes are significantly more productive and with a reduced frequency of errors. The integration of ProGlove's wearables and the Logistic Lights interface also enable improved material handling and contribute to a high level of acceptance among our employees. We look forward to solution-oriented and creative collaboration with the Logistic Lights team on future projects!“

André Hesseling, Operations Manager Production & Logistics

André Hesseling, Operations Manager Production & Logistics

“With Logistic Lights, we are taking a big step towards digitalization & paperless manufacturing.”

Download Use Case Marantec Legden

Peter Fuchs, Head of Purchasing, Meyer & Meyer

Peter Fuchs, Head of Purchasing

“The service and commitment of the Logistic Lights team convinced us right from the start. The introduction was planned professionally and efficiently. We achieve greater productivity with the light guidance, and the system known internally as ‘Project Disco Ball’ also achieves a high level of acceptance among employees. We are really enthusiastic about it. It has been a pleasure working with you!”

Robert Bommers, COO Contract Logistics, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Robert Bommers, COO Contract Logistics

“The system is simple but effective and the result speaks for itself: with the help of Logistic Lights, we have been able to accelerate picking by approximately 5 seconds per pick, as the first user in a pilot project. With an annual volume of six million articles we save a considerable amount of time with the use of Logistic Lights and greatly optimize our processes. The system is set up in only a few hours and can be recalibrated at any time in just 5 minutes. We are delighted to have worked with Symbic to make Logistic Lights what they are today: an inexpensive and flexible alternative.”

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